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Little Bunnies Classroom News

Hi Bunnies Families!

Our Little Bunnies have been doing so well with our schedule and now tell us that we will wash our hands when we come in from outside time. They are still enjoying learning through songs, stories and especially PLAY! They all have been enjoying using paint, crayons and glue to create amazing art. They have all been working on using our words with their friends, whether it’s asking for a turn, letting someone know they are using something or simply need some space.

November 2023

In November we had great fun with our Forest and Thanksgiving themes. We learned about animals that live in the forest. Our virtue was being thankful, we talked about how we are thankful for our families, friends, and our food. We also learned about how a pizza slice is the same shape as a triangle, and that there are many things that are brown like bears, chocolate and acorns. Fun fact: we learned that turkeys can be tricky to catch. Our nursery rhyme for the month is:

Bunnies 2.png

Our nursery rhyme for the month is:

Hickory Dickory Dock

Hickory dickory dock.

The mouse went up the clock
The clock struck one.

The mouse went down
Hickory dickory dock.

Bunnies 3.png

We Learned that

This month we read many books including A Fox Found a Box by Ged Adamson and learned about how curious forest animals can be when they come across unknown objects. We also read If Animals Gave Thanks by Ann Whitford Paul, a story of some animals and what they would be thankful for if they gave thanks. Christmas will be our next theme and our virtue will be giving.

Bunnies 1.png

We hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Teacher Teresita and Teacher Bettina

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