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Growing Lions
Classroom News

For November our themes were Farm and Thanksgiving. We started learning about and working on writing letters made with Big Curves- C, O, and Q. We continue to work on practicing how to hold a pencil and crayon and strengthen our hand and finger muscles through different activities to help make writing easier.

November 2023

Our shape this month was rectangle and our color was gray. We learned about and practiced writing the number was 3 and our Virtue was thankful. 


This month we learned……a mother horse is called a mare and her baby is called a foal. Cows give us milk. A baby cow is called a calf. The sheep have thick wooly coats. In the summer the farmer cuts the sheep’s coat. Piglets are very noisy, they squeal and cry. The first Thanksgiving was held over 3 days between Pilgrims and Wampanoags. Only male turkeys or Toms gobble and female turkeys or hens make a clucking noise.  

Lions 2.jpg

Here's Our Poem

I’m a very fine turkey and I sing a fine song. 



I strut around the barnyard all the day long and my head goes, 


And when Thanksgiving Day comes around



I run away and hide so I can’t be found, so my head will still bobble as I gobble. 


Lions 1.jpg

Some books we enjoyed reading were

The Very Busy Spider

by Eric Carle,


If you give a Pig a Pancake

by Laura Numeroff, 


Spots, Feathers, and Curly Tails

by Nancy Tafuri, 


Dora’s Eggs

by Julie Sykes


Turkey Trouble

by Wendi Silvano. 

The Lions have been busy practicing our songs for the Young Child’s Christmas Service! We are looking forward to singing them for you on December 14th at 11:30am in the Church.

God Bless,
Teacher Ana & Teacher Lisa

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